All of our produce is imported from Mexico through a variety of different partnerships and commercialized farms.  We only work with those who can provide the most sustainable production, development and harvesting methods to guarantee the highest quality products.  GC Importers Ltd., has teams located in British Columbia as well as in Mexico who ensure the produce is fresh and readily available to import to the Canadian markets. These products are grown in the tropical conditions of Mexico, giving them a unique scent and quality that can only be provided through GC Importers.



The tropical fruits that we import to Canada are produced in some of the most beautiful agricultural landscapes Mexico has to offer.  We source products from locations such as Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Veracruz.  Due to the topical conditions of these locations, our team has found that the produce grown in these areas brings a natural texture and flavour that can only be found at our partnering farms.



GC Importers specializes in the importation of fruits and vegetables that are imbedded in a variety of cultures. Our local knowledge and careful selection of partner farms in Mexico ensures exceptional product quality. Due to the tropical climate, these products can be grown and imported to Canada year-round.